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"Come from a place of curiosity, not judgement."

-Elyse Resch


Let's Work Together!

Sessions are offered virtually at this time.


Willow’s mission is to provide a compassionate & inclusive space for healing connections with body, food and self. We strive to help individuals access their internal wisdom and cultivate a sense of peace, trust, and comfort both within their relationship with food and their own bodies.


Licensed professionals at Willow specialize in helping individuals recover from eating disorders, disordered eating, & chronic dieting. We also provide support & guidance for families wanting to raise their children to be intuitive eaters in a body positive household. Our treatment approach is highly collaborative and grounded in scientific research.

Indications Psychotherapy & Nutrition Therapy at Willow May be Helpful for You:

·   Orthorexia

·    Fears & anxiety related to food

·    Preoccupation with food & weight 
·   Stopping Yo-yo Diet & weight Cycling 


·    Anorexia Nervosa 

·    Bulimia 

·    Binge Eating Disorder              

·    Avoidant Restrictive Intake Disorder

·    Desire to raise an intuitive eater in a body positive household

·    Food Hoarding

·    Disconnected Eating

·    Chronic dieting

·    Body image distress

Additional Indications for Seeking Nutrition Therapy at Willow:

·    Intuitive Eating

·    Fueling for Activity & Coming back to Joyful Movement

·    Sports Nutrition

·    Medical Nutrition Therapy

Additional Indications Psychotherapy at Willow May be Helpful for You:

·    Anxiety

·    Issues related to identity 

·    Personal exploration and growth

·    Depression

·    Women’s issues 

·    Life transitions and phase of life issues

·    Stress management

·    Relationship Concerns



Kacey is an IAEDP approved supervisor and able to supervise those interested in becoming a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD). Please reach out below if you are interested in working together. 

How To Get Started:


We provide one-on-one psychotherapy & nutrition therapy from our office in Corte Madera, CA. We currently do not accept insurance directly, but we are happy to provide superbills. Please see our Policy & Procedures page for more information. Kacey Legnitto, MS, RD, CEDRD is currently in office on Tuesdays and Dr. Katie Peterman, Psy.D. is currently in office on Mondays & Thursdays.

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