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At Home in Your Body: 

A free workshop focused on building comfort & connection with your body while sheltering in place​

Kacey Legnitto, MS, RD, CEDRD & Katie Peterman, Psy.D.

Saturday, May 23rd from 9:30 - 11:30 am

This two-hour workshop is for individuals struggling with disordered eating and body image concerns who are looking for additional strategies to support themselves with feeling more comfortable and connected to their body while staying at home.


During this unprecedented time, many are left feeling unsettled and understandably so (us included!).  The uncertainty, loss, and isolation of this time can exacerbate struggles with food and body.  Grappling with body shame and anxiety around food can be especially distressing and isolating. Our hope is that you will leave this workshop feeling equipped with some new concepts and practices to care for yourself and your body during these challenging times. 


If you would like to learn more or are interested in signing up, please contact us at

We hope you will join us in this workshop and we are looking forward to meeting with you!



We are happy to offer this workshop free of charge with the intention of this support being as accessible as possible.​


If you would like to pay it forward and feel able to help others during this challenging time, we encourage you to consider some of the ideas listed below: 

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