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Eating Disorder Recovery Group 
for College Students


You are desiring to be part of a supportive community of peers who are also working to heal from an eating disorder. You are not in this alone! 

You feel curious about how others have been navigating the unique challenges of trying to recover while in college.


You are interested in learning and practicing more skills to support you in making peace with food and your body. 


You are motivated to attend each group session and are open to participating in the group setting.


You are 18 years or older, are medically stable, and are actively working on eating disorder recovery with the support of a treatment team at the outpatient level of care.


You are currently in college and living in California.



The Eating Disorder Recovery Group for College Students is a 6-week group for those who are interested in being part of a supportive community of peers who are also navigating the unique challenges of recovering from an eating disorder while in college. We will meet live via Zoom for 90 minutes, weekly. 


Each group will be a blend of psychoeducation, skill practice, and supportive group process. We will address key topics such as self-compassion, mindfulness, unpacking the cultural influences that impact how we perceive our bodies and how those show up in college life, cultivating body image resilience while surrounded by “wellness” culture, making peace with food on campus, and so much more!  We believe peer support can be a powerful part of healing, and each group will hold space for group members to process and provide support to one another. Participants will be invited to share their experiences and ask questions throughout the workshop. 


Please note that this group is not recorded and is held live only. This is an interactive group and we ask all participants to keep their camera on for the duration of each group. 




Price: $750 for a 6-week supportive workshop ($125/90-minute session)


Group Ages: 18 years and older


Dates & Times: Thursdays from 9:30 am - 11 am PST (Begins October 13th, 2022)


About Your Workshop Facilitators:  This workshop is hosted by the co-founders of Willow Mind & Body, Kacey Legnitto, MS, RD, CEDRED and Katie Peterman, Psy.D. Kacey is an anti-diet Registered Dietitian, certified intuitive eating counselor, and certified eating disorder specialist. Katie Peterman is a licensed psychologist specializing in eating disorders. Both Kacey and Katie practice from a weight inclusive space, using a Health at Every Size & Intuitive Eating informed approach.



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